Why You Need To Care About Your Office Furniture

Furniture is not often an object in our homes or offices that we think about. Chairs are just there to sit on, and desks hold computers or other items necessary for work functions, right? Especially in an office environment, new commercial office furniture can make the difference between comfort and dissatisfaction.

You don't have to hop on a trend like standing desks or exercise balls, but if that's what gets your employees motivated to work more and stay happy, then why not? Ergonomic chairs, desks with arm supports, and cubby space for storing items may all end up helping your bottom line at the end of the day. When you're trying to run an office, the name of the game is efficiency.

Investing in new office furniture might be a game-changer for you and your office. From looking at it from a math perspective to looking at scientific claims and everything in between, we think you'll find it worth investigating whether your office could benefit from new furniture. Many people would seem to agree, as the value of all furniture and furnishing store sales in the United States nets at $106.78 billion.

It's Simple Math

When you think about the amount of time that most workers spend in an office, you then have to multiply that by what they're using. It's fine to sit in an uncomfortable chair for a couple of hours, but if you sit in it five days a week, for 40 hours each week, that's approximately 2,000 hours a year that you're spending in discomfort! One doesn't have to stretch the imagination far to wonder what that does for productivity. By getting new, more comfortable office furniture, you may be able to drastically improve your bottom line.

The Science Also Supports It

Studies have been done on what good posture and support do for both productivity and long-term injury (such as carpal tunnel syndrome). By getting ergonomic chairs and desks that support your employee's arms and elbows properly, you can both increase productivity and reduce the amount of downtime that happens when your employees suddenly don't feel well. Some office furniture is trendy, such as standing desks or exercise balls, but whether or not this will work for your office is debatable. Exercise your own judgment and consider polling your employees to find out their preferences.

How's Your Image?

Office furniture can affect how your company is perceived, to clients, outside investors, and employees alike. There is a reason that nobody wants to work in drab offices with outdated equipment and poor furniture. It's depressing and seems like it's on a downward spiral. Instead, by jazzing up your workspace with furniture that is lively, creative, and inventive, you really can show the world what a cutting edge workspace you are.

Think Of It As An Investment

Yes, it may save the office budget to skimp out on really cheap furniture, but when this eventually breaks and has to be replaced, who foots the bill? Instead, by investing in quality furniture that will last for many years you may end up saving thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Don't Delay In Getting Your Perfect Furniture

Having quality office furniture is incredibly important to the seamless functioning of an office. Don't delay in calling Salt Creek Office Furniture today for all of your needs. Not only will friendly and helpful staff be able to steer you in the right direction, but you can have peace of mind knowing pricing and costs upfront or whether delivery is available to your specific office.