Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Office Furniture

The furniture business is rapidly growing. For example, in August 2019, the sales from furniture stores were $10.28 billion. Included in these statistics are office furniture for home and commercial purposes.

As great as these sales are, maintenance of office furniture is important. Well-maintained office furniture not only boosts your productivity, but lasts longer, too. But how can you take care of your office furniture? Here are six helpful tips.

1. Avoid Spilling Liquids

Liquid spills stain and damage a lot of furniture materials, including wood and leather. Therefore, be careful when taking coffee or an energy drink in your home office. Should you spill a drink accidentally, make sure you wipe the surface immediately and soak away all the liquid.

2. Find the Correct Products

You also need to use the right products and tools when cleaning and maintaining your office furniture. Home office furniture stores recommend using non-abrasive wipes and rags. When trying a new cleaning product, test a part of the furniture to confirm it is ideal before cleaning the whole set.

3. Use Covers

Office furniture covers not only keep the furniture clean but also in good condition. These covers protect from spills, stains, and blemishes, allowing your furniture to last longer. You can find furniture covers in your local commercial and home office furniture stores.

Additionally, try and rearrange your office furniture often to minimize wear and tear on the chair cushions, armrests, and table legs.

4. Avoid Heat

If you need your office furniture to retain its original state, avoid heat elements. This includes heat radiators, vents, and direct sunlight. Heat can lead to fading and damage to your quality office furniture.

On the other hand, extreme cold conditions can also damage wood and leather. Therefore, place the office furniture away from windows and air conditioning units at these times. Maintaining a balance between extreme heat and cold will increase the furniture's durability and fewer trips to home office furniture stores.

5. Hire Professional Help

Furniture experts advocate hiring professionals to clean and care for your home and commercial office furniture. The cleaning professionals use the correct tools and products for each office material. This guarantees durability for your office equipment.

6. Additional Tips for Your Office Chairs and Desks

Of your weekly maintenance routine, ensure that your home office chairs are brushed or vacuumed to remove dust particles. Clean your vinyl and wooden chairs with a damp cloth and use a soft dry cloth to dry them. For leather seats, use a clean, soft cloth when dusting.

Moreover, tighten any loose screws and bolts once every six months. Doing so guarantees your safety and longevity of the office chair. Also, do not add unnecessary weight and pressure on the chair's armrests as they can easily break.

For your office desks, maintain regular dusting and cleaning procedures regardless of the materials of the desk. Use a soft dry cloth for dusting and a solution of warm water and mild soap for cleaning. In addition, ensure that the office desk is free of clutter to improve your productivity.

Office furniture needs to be maintained, as it improves your concentration and productivity. Furthermore, it reduces wear and tear. Should you wish to upgrade or change your office furniture, call Salt Creek Furniture today. Our home office furniture stores provide amazing and stylish selections of office furnishings. Browse our online catalog to find suitable high-quality office furniture.