Comfortable Office Furniture

The Necessity of Comfortable Office Furniture

The American Psychological Association says more than $500 billion is lost from the U.S. economy due to workplace stress. It’s also been linked to high levels of employee health problems, absenteeism at work, and even workplace accidents.

One of the things that can contribute to workplace stress is uncomfortable furniture. If you’re remodeling the office and checking out furniture store options in Tempe AZ, here’s why you’ll want to outfit your workplace with comfortable pieces, especially for your team.

Health Problems

Mental fatigue worsens physical stress. If your employees are uncomfortable at work, that’s going to compromise their ability to perform at their best. It could also lead to health problems and complications, all of which would further compromise their performance levels.

Absenteeism at Work

Companies lose millions of dollars a year due to high absenteeism at work. This can be attributed to an uncomfortable work environment. If your employees are getting sick at the office or end up suffering from diseases caused by poor working conditions, then that’s going to hurt your bottom line. If you want to improve attendance at work, look into providing your employees with comfortable commercial office furniture.

Workplace Accidents

A bad chair or table could lead to a fall during work hours. If your employee gets into an accident because of a faulty and substandard chair or desk, then that could cost your company a lot, especially if the employee decides to sue. You can prevent that scenario, though, by shopping for new office furniture that’s comfortable. With well-made and high-quality furniture options, you won’t have to worry about your employees being hurt or getting into accidents at work.

Long-Lasting Comfort

With chairs, desks, and other furniture pieces that offer better comfort, your employees are bound to stay longer at their seats. They’re going to be less fidgety, find less reasons to get up, and be able to concentrate on the job at hand. That’s going to improve their speed and focus, which help them perform so much better. If you’re looking for ways to improve employee productivity at work, start by replacing bad furniture pieces.

With your team in better health, you can expect optimum results at work. Make this happen for your organization. Get started by checking out a reputable furniture store in Tempe AZ. Visit Salt Creek Office Furniture for more details.