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Signs It's Time to Replace Your Office Chair

A comfortable office chair is one of the most important pieces of office furniture. Being able to sit comfortably at a desk is essential to productivity. According to Baylor University, an office chair can last an average of seven-eight years. How do you know when it is time to replace your office chair? Here are some signs you should be looking for new office furniture.

Lower Back Pain

If you suddenly develop lower back pain after working all day, it may be your office chair. Office furniture, including chairs, should provide both function and style. In the case of your old chair, age may have made it unable to provide the function it should. If your chair cannot provide the support it once did, and you are feeling its physical pains, it is time to get a new chair.

The Chair is Damaged

If your chair is damaged and has already been repaired but is still not up to par, it is time to invest in some new office furniture. Your chair must be replaced if there are loose parts like wheels or shaky armrests. A damaged chair is an injury risk factor. What happens when the wheel comes flying off or you lean too hard on the shaky armrest? Nothing good can come from that scenario. Get a new chair.

The Cushion Has Lost its Fluff

If your cushion is worn out and you feel like you are sitting on a flat hard surface, that is a sign that it is time to invest in a new chair. Cushions can lose their spring over time, which means you have zero support and no comfort. A new chair will fix the problem.

The Aesthetics Just Don't Work

You may find your old chair comfortable, but it may be an eyesore. A new sleek design can help to improve the office aesthetic. If you have invested in office furniture or plan to, don't forget about a new chair for your desk.

Being comfortable while you work is important. It helps to keep you productive and makes your workspace more appealing. You should feel good about your workspace. Give us a call today for home office furniture in Scottsdale.