Office Design Trends You Won't Want to Miss

Today, office furniture stores focus on sustainability, comfort, mobile and modular furniture, and safety when they help you design the modern office at your business or corporation. Good office design incorporates comfortable homey furniture, rugs, plants, and good lighting. Your office furniture stores will help you choose the best furniture for the design you are looking for.

Ergonomics and Mobile Furniture

Comfortable ergonomic furniture can reduce injures, sore backs, and muscles, and can reduce carpal tunnel syndrome associated with office work. Adjustable height desks, sit and stand chairs, adjustable chairs, standing mats, sit and stand desks and even treadmills are part of the new office decor. Furniture designed to help support your health and productivity has become very popular.

Mobile and moveable furniture that can be configured into different patterns are great for meetings or solitary work. Movable walls and screens that give workers privacy have been added to office design in many companies. This type of office furniture design is minimalistic and says less is more.

Hot decking is a new trend where workers do not have a permanent workstation. They can choose to work in various locations. The company has separate locations for meetings and solitary work. Many employees today value this type of work environment, and it has many benefits for employee safety. Moving employees around gives cleaning staff more time to clean desks and other office equipment. The office furniture market made 10.74 billion in 2016 in the US. In 2022, it continues to grow and supply a wide variety of design styles to customers.

Comfortable and Natural Elements

Office furniture stores sell comfortable and natural furniture for those that want to create a home-like atmosphere at work. Wood, glass, and metal desks have become trendy because they are sustainable. Couches, chairs, and walls in natural earth tones like green, blue, brown, or beige are trendy. Decorative art pieces or photography that reflect nature are found on the walls of many offices. Office furniture stores can help create a homey office design in your company. They can supply rugs, cushioned comfortable couches, chairs, desks made of natural materials, textiles, and wall coverings.

Sustainability and Green Products

More offices buy sustainable furniture for their offices, such as desks made of real wood, maple, cherry, oak, birch, or pine or safe metals that can be recycled. Chairs made with recycled plastics or natural wood are another popular choice. Safe materials for upholstery are made from cotton, polyester, recycled materials, leather, bamboo, or velvet. Your office furniture stores can help select eco-friendly furniture for your office decor.

Contact your local office furniture stores to make an appointment to discuss furniture trends and an innovative design or upgrade for your business. We supply services to small, large and medium offices.