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Is an L-Shape Desk or Executive Desk Right For You?

Is it time for new office furniture? According to Brandon Gaille, the value of furniture sales in America is about $106.78 billion annually. You have plenty of options when it comes to new office furniture. One of the most common obstacles people come up against when they are shopping for new office furniture is choosing a desk. Is an L-shaped desk or an executive desk the right choice? Here's some information that can help.

What Are L-Shaped Desks?

L-shaped desks are aptly named due to their configuration. Two sections of this type of desk combine to form a right angle. Typically one section of the desk is longer than the other. An L-shaped desk is a great option if you have multiple computer screens that you work with or you need to have a corner space to store files, books, and other supplies for work. These desks offer a lot of space to work.

What Are Executive Desks?

Executive desks are straight with no angles and are typically rather large. They will usually have drawers for storage and can be ornate or simple. As the name implies, executive desks are often found in office buildings and are great for businesses. These desks are great if you use a laptop or a single-screen desktop.

Both Styles Can Be Versatile

The fact that you can find both styles in various colors and materials can make it even more difficult to decide. However, if the style of your office is modern, you may lean towards the clean lines of the L-shaped desk. If your office style is more traditional, the executive desk may be more in line with your style.

Which One Is Right For You?

Both L-shaped desks and executive desks are great options. It comes down to your style as to which is the right choice for you. Consider what type of space you need, what type of space you have, and what style desk fits best with the aesthetics of your office space.

One of the best ways to find new office furniture that suits your taste is to shop with a supplier that offers a wide range of options. Shopping with the right vendor will help you find an ideal desk. Give Salt Creek Furniture a call today so we can help you find the right office furniture for you!