Chairs and Desks: New Commercial Furniture Care

The U.S office furniture market held a value of nearly $10.74 billion in 2016. These figures mean that many individuals and companies are purchasing new commercial furniture every year.

Every home/business owner or manager knows how big an investment in new furniture is, especially the top-notch kind. There is a need for proper maintenance to ensure the furnishings need no repairs or replacement for as long as possible -– even years.

Guests and clients are always impressed by well-furnished office space (or house), so the cleaner, the better. Keeping your new commercial furniture clean and in good shape goes a long way towards enhancing aesthetics, sales, and money-saving.

To guarantee that your staff's productivity is not affected, here are some easy tips that will have your furnishings spick and span 24/7.

Office and Home Chairs

Who enjoys working with an old, damaged, tattered, and uncomfortable chair? You guessed it- no one. It gives you bad posture and distracts your mind from any important work you have to accomplish. To avoid this, you have to maintain a cleaning and maintenance routine, both weekly and bi-annually.

  • Weekly Care: First and foremost, use a vacuum or a soft brush to cleanse any dirt. If you have leather seats, use a soft cloth. For vinyl chairs, a solution of mild detergent and warm water does the trick. Remember to dry the office furniture with a fuzz-free cloth. Lastly, for wooden chairs, use a moist sponge to remove dirt/dust and dry with a clean cotton cloth.
  • Bi-annual Care: Consistently adjust and tighten loose screws at least twice a year. This step ensures your chairs have an increased lifespan. Additionally, you can rest assured you will suffer no bodily harm due to broken furniture.

Office Desks and Tables Maintenance

After buying new commercial furniture, desks are the ones prone to destruction. So, to start, make sure you use a desk blotter or pad to prevent damage from your writing materials. Also, make use of coasters, especially with hot/cold beverages that may leave wood veneer furnishings with marks and scratches.

It is also essential to polish your new commercial furniture with quality furniture polish regularly. Polish keeps the surface glossy and looking new even after months. Additionally, add a glass or leather top at the surface where you place your files/PC/laptop. Ensure that a felt/silicone bumper is placed below the glass to avoid direct contact with the wooden surface.

If you cannot keep a regular cleaning schedule (which is a must), it is advisable to seek professional cleaning services to prevent wasting your investment in home office furniture.


In summary, to keep your new home and commercial furniture as good as new, you should:

  • Mind the leather
  • Tighten screws after every six months
  • Keep furniture away from direct sunlight
  • Wipe and polish wooden surfaces
  • Always maintain a clean desk
  • Report any faults and have them repaired ASAP

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