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5 Things You Need for an Ergonomically Correct Work Space

Working in an office is an everyday activity for many, but your working space can actually be detrimental to your productivity, creativity, and even your health. The way you sit, the office equipment you use, and even the lighting can impact your work. When you consider that the typical office worker spends 15 hours sitting every day, it's clear to see why office work is so unappealing to many. You can improve your overall working experience if you have an ergonomically correct workspace. From using new commercial furniture to specialized technology, here are five ways to upgrade your workspace for maximum benefit.

1. Chair with Spine Support

You should have a chair that can be adjusted to support your back really well. An ergonomically-designed office chair will support your back's natural S-curve much better than a typical chair. That's why you should invest in new commercial furniture — they're more likely to have comfort in mind.

2. Correct Placement of Keyboard

Most people like to work with their keyboards on their desks close to their monitors, but this is not always the best placement. Poor keyboard placement can lead to upper body discomfort. You should have your keyboard on an adjustable tray; if one is not already a part of your desk, you can install one on your desk.

3. Proper Use of Your Mouse

Our wrists and hands can get really sore after using a mouse for a long time, so using your mouse the right way is important. Don't use a very tight grip, move the mouse with your elbow, and invest in an ergonomic mouse that fits your hand well. Just like with your keyboard, you should assess the height and location of your mouse, too. Investing in an ergonomic mousepad is a great way to stay comfortable.

4. Appropriate Lighting

According to ergonomics experts, you need good lighting in your workspace to reduce the strain on your eyes. As much as possible, have lots of natural lighting. Use good overhead lighting if you need to work at night or when it's cloudy. With lighting, it's also important to make sure you're considering your screen's brightness and utilizing blue light reduction as much as possible.

5. Display Height

To protect your eyes and avoid neck problems, your monitor must be at the right height. Place it at eye level and roughly an arm's length away from your face. There are many monitor stand options available, so you can certainly find one that suits your office's aesthetic and your needs. Many stands include additional storage as well.

Being comfortable in your workspace will make you feel and perform better. Invest in new commercial furniture to ensure you have all you need for comfort. Call Salt Creek Office Furniture today to get the perfect furniture for your home office.