5 Office Furniture Trends to Watch Out for in 2021 (and Beyond)

Furniture and home finishing store sales in the US reached $120.5 billion in 2019, up from $119 billion a year earlier. The month of August alone topped sales at approximately $10.28 billion. The office furnishing retail industry continues to allow customers to spruce up their home offices and commercial spaces with their very choices of furniture and décor.

With COVID-19 dominating the headlines for pretty much all of 2020, offices found the need to evaluate their operations. Commercial furniture is a huge part of that process. It’s critical to find out the changes in trends before heading over to the office furniture store near me.

Here are five industry trends that Salt Creek believes will shape the office furniture industry in 2021 and beyond.

1. Acoustic Furniture

For most Americans, working remotely meant a significant change to their work environment. For some, it was a sudden tranquil space to carry out their tasks. Others may have had to plunge into the chaos of managing their kid’s online learning while still working. These extremes are pushing business executives into rethinking ways to create positive, productive energy around the office. Modular sound dampening walls that reduce noise, block out distractions, and enhance focus may become popular as employees return to their workspaces.

2. Hybrid Work-Living Spaces

With more than a year spent in their homes, your employees may have become accustomed to working in the comforts of their living spaces. The office furniture store near me may continue to see a desire for a variable environment, with a close intersection of functionality, style, and comfort. Office furniture manufacturers will continue picking up on this vibe, designing pieces that fit the hybrid work-living space.

3. Personal Storage Units

As commercial spaces rushed to maintain the COVID-19 protocols set, business executives and property managers have had to think through how to manage commonly touched surfaces. A key feature being storage lockers, cubbies, and other storage units. Employees may find comfort in storing their items in an enclosed unit, making it a wise idea to invest in personal storage units. Reach out to the office furniture store near me to find out more about the individual storage options available.

4. Sustainable Office Furniture

The time spent locked up left most people yearning to reconnect with nature. The environmental impact of office furniture manufacturing may become huge, influencing the type of furniture that you find in a commercial furniture store. With the sustainability philosophy taking root, manufacturers may provide office pieces with long life cycles, recyclable, sustainable raw material sourcing, and low carbon emissions in their production processes.

5. Flexible Spaces

With governments still insisting on social distancing in offices, executives may have to find ways to maximize their floor space to comply with the guidelines. Multifunctional furniture pieces may become increasingly popular. Additionally, office designers may need to reorganize the layout for collaborative spaces and furniture with built-in video conferencing tools.

Commercial office furniture needs to make your space more ergonomic and comfortable to work in. Establishing the trends in the post-pandemic period can help set you up for the next decade. If you are searching for an “office furniture store near me” in Phoenix, reach out to Salt Creek Office Furniture. Our experts will guide you in choosing the perfect furniture for your office.