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4 Tips for Buying Home Office Furniture

More and more, people are choosing to work at home -- and buy new home office furniture to create an ideal workspace. In the United States, office furniture purchases reached just over $10 billion in 2016. One of the great benefits of working from home is getting to design your space according to your personal preferences and work habits. However, setting up a functional and stylish office in your house can be challenging. Here are some points to consider before you head off to a home office furniture store.

Tip 1: Measure Your Home Office

Before you go shopping for furniture, get out the measuring tape and determine the dimensions of your home office. This will allow you to figure out exactly how much space you have to work with and prevent you from creating a crowded office.

You might imagine your home office as a place for all of the furnishings you would find in a commercial office, like large desks, tall shelving units, and rows of filing cabinets. You might also want items for comfort, like an overstuffed armchair with an ottoman. If you're like most people who work from home, your office will be relatively small. It probably isn't large enough to accommodate all of the items you'd like to have. With room measurements in-hand, you can go to the home office furniture store, knowing you won't buy too many furnishings to fit in your space.

Tip 2: Aim for a Comfortable and Work-Friendly Setup

You may be putting in eight-hour days in your home office, just as you would if you worked away from home. It's important to consider comfort and function when you set up your space. Your desk chair is of particular importance, since you don't want to cause back pain. It should be adjustable for your height and allow you to sit at your desk without straining your neck and shoulders. If you plan to spend many hours working at a stretch, you should consider an adjustable desk that allows you to stand periodically.

Before you buy home office furniture, imagine yourself seated at your desk and think about which items need to be within reach. You may need a shelf for reference books, a rolling file cabinet, and a small table for your printer. Again, make sure you go shopping with your office's dimensions written down so that you'll buy only what will fit well in your space.

Tip 3: Consider Materials Other than Wood

You may prefer the look of wood or wood-like veneer, but don't discount other materials for your office furniture. Metal and laminate furniture may last longer than genuine wood and may be more likely to resist damage. If other people in your home will have access to your office, you'll need to consider the extra wear and tear. Another reason to think about laminate or metal alternatives for furniture is style: these materials may be a better fit if you prefer a modern look for your decor. Mixing materials can also create an eclectic and attractive look.

Tip 4: Think About Assembly Time and Effort

Some home office furniture comes from the factory already assembled and ready to be put into service. Other kinds of furniture will come in a box with pieces that need to be assembled by the buyer. If you've included door measurements when writing down the dimensions of your home office, measure assembled furniture pieces to make sure they'll fit through the doorway. With furniture that comes in pieces to be assembled, you won't have to worry about the size of your doorway; you can slide the box in and put the furniture together inside the room. Prices for to-be-assembled furniture are often lower than those for assembled pieces. But keep in mind that putting furniture together yourself may take more time (and cause more frustration) than you realized. Consider whether you're willing to devote a day to assembling furniture before making a decision. In some cases, the extra cost may be well worth the turnkey result.

Buying home office furniture can be a daunting task. It's best to be prepared before you enter the furniture store. Measuring your space, thinking about comfort and function, considering materials, and deciding whether you're up for assembling furniture will help you approach the store with confidence. Contact Salt Creek Office Furniture, a home office furniture store near you today.